Blame it on Russia or China

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Always freaked out about losing their Democracy. Would it really be such a loss? Could it be that a constitution written by slave-owning forefathers should be rewritten by non-slave owning writers, the world over. It's politics, not rocket science.

So laudable a country, the United States of America.

With its magnificent record of human rights violations, at home and abroad, the most racist (anti-poor people of any origin) country on earth feels entitled to cry wolf at Russia and drop all pretense of diplomatic courtesy toward the other side of what are no longer negotiations, in the spirit of the All-American Wilsonian fantasyland 'Right of the Peoples to Self-Determination if Uncle Sam says so', not talks anymore, but diktats fresh out of a never-ending cold war forever rekindled by a bunch of self-righteous bullies eternally bitching about how grateful we should be worldwide at being continually looted and despised by a cohort of war criminals and peacetime mountebanks, by the United states of Heist and Murder Inc.

The country of who knows how many hundreds of military bases and outposts peacefully planted wherever the right Command meets the proper Congressional budget committee in this wannabe american world, the Divided States of Made Great Again America, is condemning China for 'encroaching', in the South China sea, an obvious direct threat to the security of the House in Beverly Hill and its billies. The Empire of Cancer needs to metastasize across the universe for the planet's best interests as they are fantasized in L.A.
The land of the Brave, sat on a zillion guns, whose CIA supplied the Afghan warlords Stinger missiles to fight Russian helicopters in the nineteen eighties is now crying out loud that Mr Putin, a known murderer according to Joe Biden and his likes in the heartland of amazing grace, through the GRU (Russian Military Intelligence), is giving Taliban snipers financial rewards for killing US and UK troops who replaced the Russians on-site, in the killing fields of empires, so unfortunately endowed with such blindingly rich mineral reserves beneath the poppy fields. The worst of it being that the leader of the so-called 'Free World' thinks it's smart to tell the 'enemy' what kind of diplomatic policies he can expect from 'our' democracy.

Yeah, let me enjoy my freedom of expression and sing along 'Down with China and Down with the CPC'(Chinese Communist Party) without which we could rely wholeheartedly on soft-spoken liberal worshippers of Truth Holy in its heavenly abode to check the tide of 'Liberty for the few, Slavery for all' that virtuous investigative journalism doesn't seem to mind that much, not so long as they can line their wrath with all that suffering on their watch for which they'll tirelessly intercede on the media stage.
Delusional patriots of the Fourth of July. The one nation responsible above all others for most conflicts since WW2 (Korea, Vietnam, Irak, Afghanistan... Granada, for god's sake!), whose military garrisons much of the earth, is still living the fantasy that the rest of the world is 'looking up' to them for some ethereal guidance, gratefully expected by us, backward humanity of planet Yankee, wanting to be shown the one and only road to the rule of the law, source of all legitimacy, which in my book means the whims of the few and the doom of everyone else's freedom, as planned and financed from the Founding Halls of the Federal Reserve or Fort Knox, or both.

Down with Russia! Down with China! Long live the cold war made in the land of the walls, hearth for the lovely souls of sweet Washingtonia.